Map View List View
Ref Tek Network Monitor ( - 2015Jun15) - Settings (Read Only)
Parameters SmS Log Yellow Value Red Value Units
Input Voltage Volts (0.0-20.0)
Backup Voltage Volts (0.0-3.3)
Delay (N) N*RQ_interval(0.0-10.0)
RAM used % (0-100)
DISK1 used % (0-100)
DISK2 used % (0-100)
GPS LastLock Hours (0.0-24.0)
Location Error Meters (0-1000)

Stations Location
DAS UNIT Error (m) GPS Latitude GPS Longitude GPS Altitude Submit STA Location
A02C-BC07 2.0 35.064225 137.282380 387.000000

Map Image Parameters
Map Image Horizontal size in pixels
Map Image Vertical size in pixels
Central Latitude of Image in degrees
Central Longitude of Image in degrees
Map Scale (kilometers in one pixel)
Map view rotation angle in degrees
Draw map mode
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